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Design Systems

A common language to face the challenges of scaling.

A Design System helps your team to build consistently. More than a library of UI elements, a Design System is a common visual and technical language, that uses a collection of repeatable components and rules that work as a single source of truth and allow for better design.


The result is the reduction of technical debt, elimination of inconsistencies and increase in code reusability, granting an excellent customer experience at the other end. Making how you design more efficient is not only a time and money saver, it actually changes how your organization can position itself.


It helps you manage people, tools and create better strategies to align internal teams, accelerate innovation and face the challenges of scaling with a solid base. Oh, and we walk the walk, too. Meet PLURAL, the SNGULAR Design System. Made with love, in-house.

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"A Design System is the only way to communicate certainty across all the teams in a product. It is our offer of respect, integrity and humility to our colleagues and users"


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